Parent Portal Updated Login Info

Starting this August, parents will sign in to the Dadeschools Mobile app and the Portal with their Apple ID if they are using an iOS device or with their Google ID if using an Android device. Due to this change, parents’ experience will change in the following ways:

  • Each parent’s email address on the Portal must match the one they use for their Apple ID (iOS users) or Google ID (Android users).
    • If their email address does not match, they will not be able to see their child(ren)’s personalized information including but not limited to, grades, attendance and bus route information.
    • Parents can find step-by-step instructions on how to update their email address on their portal at
  • Parents will no longer be able to share Parent Portal accounts.
    • Each parent will need to have their own, separate account using the email address associated with their Apple ID (iOS users) or Google ID (Android users).
    • Only the parent whose email address matches their Apple ID or Google ID at sign-in will be able to keep the existing account. The other parent will need to register for a new account and add the child(ren) using the Parent PIN provided by the child(ren)’s school.
  • Support Web Site for Parents:
    • Parents will find step-by-step instructions on updating their email address on their Portal, FAQs and Sign-In guides on the web site above.